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Sharpe Donates Pay To Public School Scholarship Fund

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Hamilton County Commissioners were slated to receive an automatic 2.5% pay increase this year, but Commissioner David Sharpe insists that until the full Commission makes a commitment to invest additional resources in public education, he will not accept the automatic pay increase.

Commissioner David Sharpe of District 6 announced Wednesday that he will donate his raise to the LaBrenda Johnson Memorial Scholarships Fund. The fund was established by Superintendent Bryan Johnson when he recently announced he will donate a $15,000 bonus he earned thanks to the district's 2019 TNReady and TVAAS scores toward student scholarships.

"Until this commission musters up the courage to invest in our teachers and our students, I will not accept this increase. I plan to donate the entire amount to the scholarship fund for Hamilton County Students recently set up by our Superintendent." - Commissioner David Sharpe

County Commissioners' salaries are a matter of public record. Regular Commissioners receive $23,821 in salary per year, with the commission chair and co-chair will earning $29,417 and $26,917, respectively.

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