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New Construction Career Center Opens in Hamilton County

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Repurposed Building to Train Local Students for High Paying In-Demand Jobs

This fall, the new Construction Career Center will open its doors and begin training students for high-demand trades and professions.

The Construction Career Center will serve as a centralized hub for construction education, training, and workforce development in the southeast — providing career awareness, hands-on and classroom instruction for high school students and adults, career placement assistance, and continuing education and support for construction professionals.

Hamilton County Commissioner David Sharpe, a strong supporter of the project, shared the following comments upon the groundbreaking for the new facility:

"Providing Hamilton County students with the opportunity to prepare for good-paying jobs after graduation has been a personal goal of mine," said Commissioner David Sharpe. "This is a monumental step forward for our community, and my hope is that it is just the first step of many toward the goal of creating opportunities for every student in Hamilton County."

The Construction Career Center will also house continuing education programs for high school juniors and seniors, as well as adults interested in construction-related careers. The Center will allow Hamilton County students (both 11th and 12th graders) to graduate with up to five construction industry certifications.

Dozens of partners worked diligently to bring this project to life, and it shows exactly what is possible when we combine hard work and cooperation with the best interests of students. The Construction Career Center will have a lasting impact on Hamilton County as it prepares our students for success and offers avenues for adults to enter thriving and well-paying jobs.

Visit the website for the Construction Career Center to learn more about the facility and the opportunities.

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