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Construction Career Center Opens In Hamilton County

This fall, the new Construction Career Center will open its doors and begin training students for high-demand trades and professions.

Dozens of partners worked diligently to bring this project to life, and it shows exactly what is possible when we combine hard work and cooperation with the best interests of students. This is a monumental step forward for our community, and my hope is that it is just the first step of many toward the goal of creating opportunities for every student in Hamilton County.

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Commissioner David Sharpe Helps Launch FUSE Program

"I am extremely proud of the work we've done on the FUSE Program here in Hamilton County," said Commissioner David Sharpe of Red Bank.

Sharpe worked to secure investment from Hamilton County government in FUSE Program. FUSE is an initiative to assist individuals with chronic mental health issues. This has and will continue to reduce homelessness, incarceration, and emergency room numbers.

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Committed to investing in public schools

In June of 2019, I was a strong supporter of Dr. Johnson's increased budget for Hamilton County Schools. Dr. Johnson's budget would have added many needed support staff for teachers and provided a 5% raise for all of our educators.

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Expanding our senior tax relief program

Ahead of the budget vote in 2019, I proposed two ways to alleviate the effect than any potential tax increases would have on our seniors.


Ed Johnson Memorial

In March of 2019, we passed a resolution to contribute $100,000 towards completion of the Ed Johnson Memorial.


Addressing Mental Health in our jails

Sheriff's Hammond's FUSE program is a critical initiative that helps mentally inmates break the cycle and build healthy and productive lives. In January of 2019, I proposed a resolution to match $120,000 of private funds that were raised for the project.

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